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Njorth Bio_Sciences

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Njorth Bio_science Ltd. was founded in 2017 as the link between Njorth Bio AS in Tromsø and the Cambridge research hub for handling the biodiscovery parts of enzyme development. All activities related to the development of new enzymes are taking place at Cambridge, where we work all the way from bioinformatics to final enzyme development. Our core philosophy is to use a wide integration of omics tools to accelerate and economise enzyme development rather than having the biotech industry relying on cumbersome and traditional functional screening approaches.

Njorth Bio has a wide network of contacts in the research and industrial community. The Njorth Bio CEO and founder was earlier an associated member of the Synberc consortium in the US, and has been involved in setting up the Norwegian centre for synthetic biology: “Digital Life” to bridge the gap between advanced trans-scientific research and practical utilization of advanced research.

Project Contributions

Dr. Andersen is the FindingPheno Innovation Manager, responsible for leading the commercial application of our innovations. This largely falls under WP1, where he works with the Outreach Manager to ensure our communication activities target the most relevant industrial end-users while also providing commercial training and advice to the academic researchers involved in WPs3-5.

In WP7 Njorth Bio-Sciences will test our new statistical tools against their in-house omics resources to validate the new solutions in a relevant environment.

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